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One of the most potentially explosive commercial applications for microwave and mmWave technology is point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radios. With its definitive cost advantages and the bandwidth that emerging mmWave technologies provide, P-T-P and P-T-MP are becoming the favorite to provide wireless infrastructure and that last mile of access.

Of the leading P-T-P and P-T-MP technologies, Local Multipoint Distribution Service, or LMDS, stands poised to bring mmWave radio communications to the masses. However, getting there is no trivial task.

The broadband and power MMIC amplifiers designed for the LMDS market place will operate well into the Ka-Band at around 29 GHz with a 1.3 GHz wide operating spectrum. With this will come heavy electrical and thermal demands on the packages chosen to protect these MMICs.

StratEdge, as the industry’s premier mmWave packaging supplier, has been producing the industry standard packaging solutions that operate within these frequencies for the past six years! With our sole focus of providing microwave and mmWave packaging, our technology and experience at these demanding frequencies is unparalleled.

Our SMX, LPA, and SE50 series of packages have all been used in these demanding applications. Both standard and custom packages in all three series of products are available to meet your needs.