SE50 Package

SE 50

The StratEdge SE50 Series are DC to 63 GHz off-the-shelf packages with ultra-low electrical  loss.  StratEdge’s SE50 family is the original drop-in package design for these frequencies. With a thermally conductive copper composite base and its revolutionary patented microstrip-imbedded microstrip- microstrip transition design, the SE50 package provides superior electrical performance   even in thermally stressful environments.

SE50 packages are mounted into cutouts in the board and connected with ribbon or wire bonds to achieve the ultra-low loss connections. A plastic cup-shaped lid is used to seal the package with a b-stage epoxy preform.

Because of their broadband performance, extremely low electrical loss, and ability to handle wide temperature variations, these versatile packages are used in a variety of applications.SE50 packages are used in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radio applications where the packages must protect the broadband, high power amplifiers.   Their ability to maintain signal integrity makes them ideal for low noise amplifiers (LNAs,) phase shifters, and switches. The SE50’s popularity continues to grow. It’s impossible to find a lower cost, lower loss package.

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