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About StratEdge

StratEdge Corporation, founded in 1992, designs, manufactures, and provides assembly services for a complete line of high-performance semiconductor packages operating from DC to 63+ GHz for the high-speed digital, mixed signal, broadband wireless, satellite, point-to-point/multipoint, VSAT, and test and measurement industries. StratEdge offers post-fired ceramic, low cost molded ceramic, and ceramic QFN packages, and specializes in packages for extremely demanding gallium arsenide (GaAs) and gallium nitride (GaN) devices. All packages are lead-free and most meet RoHS and WEEE standards. StratEdge is an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility located in Santee, California, near San Diego.

Our packages are known for:

  • Very low electrical losses over wide frequencies
  • Superior electrical, mechanical, and thermal performance
  • Non-shrinking post-fired hardened ceramic composition
  • High thermal conductivity bases
  • Hermetic surface mount and drop-in designs

StratEdge customers experience:

  • Very high device performance
  • Low NREs, low risk, and fast time-to-market
  • Wide range of standard sizes and pin counts
  • Complete assembly and sealing solutions
  • The best personal attention and service in the industry

Our Services

Assembly Services

StratEdge Assembly Services packages a wide variety of compound semiconductors and silicon in our new ISO 9001:2015 facility in Santee, California (near San Diego). We have a Class 1000 cleanroom, including Class 100 work areas with ESD control for performing sensitive operations, which is fully equipped with the most modern assembly equipment. StratEdge can customize packages and assembly services for your specific requirements. Read More..


StratEdge high performance semiconductor packages operate from DC-63+GHz for the high speed digital (OC-48, OC-192, OC-768), mixed signal, broadband wireless, satellite, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint, VSAT, and test and measurement industries. Read More..

Customized Packages

StratEdge offers customers packages in leaded and leadless drop-in formats, leaded and leadless surface mount formats, and specialty high power and high speed digital designs. In addition to the hundreds of standard package outlines available, StratEdge offers custom design services at a fraction of the cost of co-fired ceramic packaging. Please contact the factory for additional details.

Leaded Surface Mount Packages

Leaded Surface Mount Packages

The SMK/SMX series of surface mount packages are excellent for use at frequencies as high as 26 GHz. This is an example of an SMX customized for use with a DC-18 GHz SPDT switch MMIC.

The SMK/SMX series packages are available in several different sizes and lead counts. Please contact the factory for detailed information.

Molded Ceramic Packages

GW4040M-5 is a high reliability 52 lead package used in many defense and aerospace applications. It has excellent electrical performance at frequencies as high as 12 GHz when used in a GSG configuration.

These packages are available with combo solder lids for classic hermetic applications.

Molded Ceramic Packages
StratEdge Corporation Packages Used in Mars Rovers

Did you know that StratEdge packages are used in the Mars Rovers?

The Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunity were sent to explore the surface of Mars in the summer of 2003. To transmit signals and information back to Earth, the rovers were equipped with the 580412 SE 20 power amplifier package from StratEdge. The amplifier system was designed to protect the gallium arsenide monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) to ensure true signal integrity. All signals that are transmitted go into the StratEdge package through the chip, and back out the package. Read More